Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friendship or Fireworks ??

[Sources : Sushi Zanmai, The Garden 02/10/09 2.30pm]

Spotted : S appear at The Garden & Midvalley, not alone this time around
But with an accompany..
Guess who's that? Oops, yes! it's Miss J..

Just when we thought our sick ass S was resting at home,
rejecting all dates he got in this semester break..
not meeting anyone but just became a com-nerd or slept all days!
How surprise my dear UES,
that's when u least expected,
at the very last minutes talks in midnight..
anything can turn upside down & blinded through your eyes.
S finally decided go for his first official single date with J!

sharing their meals for brunch..
non-stop chatting with smile & eye-contact-ing..
cam-whoring everywhere around..
watching horror movie together,
i guess a guy shoulder should be the best come in use for lying on for this scenario..
how could S & J will miss it?

Hmm, just when everything goes fine..
the worst is tagging along,
which is coincident-lly being spotted by some familiar faces..
Didn't i taught u, S?
the best secret dates is never appear in public no matter where..
seems like u just did a very wrong mistake!
too bad S seniors, classmates, friends just hang out the same spot as he did..
now the best excuse also cant make you run away from the crime u did~
Spare me for asking a silly question :
Did J's boyfriend, G knew about J dating S alone??
i guess dating BFF is a pretty good answer for J!

A kiss goodbye before the farewell??
Lucky it's not..
But don't u know that, S?
"Sometimes the stars align for two old friends to go together.
But sometimes they align for two old flames to totally combust.
Wonder what the sky holds for S tonight. Friendship. Or fireworks. "

Until then,
You know you love me.
gossip guy

Saturday, September 26, 2009

S Aint mR.Right !!

[Sources : Unknown]

Spotted : S look enough sad & felt 'sour' inside his room lonely
when he glanced through J's sweet photo
with her Mr.Right on facebook
while the track Thinking of You by Katy Perry was playing on the music player..
How sad would this be?

Was there a history between S & J that no one know?? Hmm..

Previously we all knew that S & J got a little story going on
only if you're belong to the insiders group..
and yet no one knew the story ending between both of them!
Seems like it only became few upper east siders gossip talk topic
when S & J are getting a little close together last year summer fall..
I got to hear from insiders that S did confess he did wish to know J more in person..
Undeniable J was sweet, pretty in person..
no wonder she got S heart away..

Days by days,
more gossip appear to be hear anywhere around S and J 's circle..
and they both knew about it!
Sometimes J even asking S how others knew about them..
This had happened ever since after
S make a secret confession inside J's birthday present last year
which is a bottle of stars folded with love & caring by S all days & nights
and a cute dolphin filled with little stars inside a small bottle..
Well, S..
i gotta admit that you did have some romantic sense in love sometimes!
S and J even went trying for an 'Indian Tattoo' on hand together in an event..
If you believing that nothing going on between 2 of them,
i guess your lie couldn't cover up anything at all..!

the problem is S never dare enough to tell J how his feelings towards her
and saying that he wanted J to become his first girlfriend..
Believe me,
i got sources heard from S saying that
he think J might not suitable for him in some ways..
which made S kept his relationship status so complicated without making it clear to J
as he afraid to hurt J's feelings and not a good boyfriend for her..
and so, S made his move..
As I remember,
Prom night was coming soon at the corners
committees were requested to look for a partner for social dance performances
on actual night..
What i couldn't believe is S dumped J aside without asking her to be his dance partner
Instead, S asking E to be in the shoe that mostly people thought that it would J
poor J..!
Being left out without partner for the first dance rehearsal
and looking that S choosen E as his partner
I guess nothing getting more awkard for all 3 of them..
yet eyes in S was full with jeolously
when he look at J invited by K to be his partner..
Why love needed to be so complicated, S?

Sooner or later,
the love chemistry between S & J is fade....
without anyone realizing it was a full stop
right until J's boyfriend, G showed up suddenly in nowhere
surprising every upper east siders and left them with a big question-mark in head!
Hmm, i guess it's time for me to clarify that S is officially out of the list anymore
That's the ending when you never appreciate chances and show your love.
Stop crying wolf, S!

and Now you're regretting, S? wasn't a bit too late??
i understand it's just hard to see people enjoying their happiness
while you actually had a chance to own that person before this and you just missed it!
Am i right, S?
dont be sad anymore S!
my advice for you is
"When God closes a door, he opens a play.."

Oh No,
another blast strikes right before i comfort you, S!
J dated S for an outing next week..
guess what?
i checked through the RSVP list,
there were no others but just 2 of them at the moment!
i wonder will J told her boyfriend, G that she dated S?
or is it G knowing that S and J did have a history previously??
Anyhow, i wish you luck on your first date with J, S!

Excuse me,
did i just mention that it was first date for S and J??
Oh no, spare me..S!
That was a little too harsh for u to hear now..

until then,
'You know you love me'
gossip guy

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back to S Childhood Crush .. !!

[Sources : Babylon Cafe 22/09/09 9.14pm]

Spotted : S dated R, or probably we should known her as
S 1st ever Childhood Crush!

*surprise surprise* Upper east siders..

But, it aint just two of them..there were more than that!
More surprisingly,
i smell the silent atmosphere surrounding S and R!
Is that something going wrong, S?
Perhaps too longs never meet up
the feelings is getting so strange and unknown..!

I knew you guys are definitely wondering how S and R meet each others?
What i can assure is this is a blast that you wish you never had miss it!
Well well..
it was such a long story ago,
way back to S high school life..
S and R was studying at RA
both wearing the same 'greenies' uniform
Have the same passion for books? Nerdy? (i doubted that)
perhaps 2 of them hated Blues
they dont want to be just as ordinary as Whity
so they joined the 'Green forces' since year 1
and hook up to be duty on the same day..
Bravely to speak,
High school is the best spot to start building your love profile..
How could S not falling with R as they seeing each others everydays?
Snatching R's hairband and run over the whole school was used to be S favourite prank on her
Naughty S!

Days by days,
Slowly feelings developed..
Propose came forward..
and yet
as we heard
Rejection is the answer that broken S heart..
as that summer is the toughest year gone through by S with tears whole night..
with that,
we all knew that
this sweet sweet love story never blossom like the flowers on the tree!
The reason behind is....
S is too short for R!
how cruel would that be?
i bet that's so hurt to hear, S!
Even love necklace present by S for R,
was being threw up to the rooftop by S rival..
and it never can be find back even S look for everywhere..
Poor S!
the last memorable pieces also being destroyed..

Years later,
S was taller & smarter..
R was still as charming as high school time
this little crush is over!
the reason is not a reason anymore..
and they become a close friend until now

Is that the end?
Well nothing will end without a surprising blast for gossip guy..
You guys must be glad that i found this one >> S diary
Flipped through the pages,
Hmm..let's see
Here i got some explosive info
something that R wrote for S right before their graduation in high school..
i bet u wanna hear this no others but from me,

" fast we already form 5....5 years time just past and we don't even notice about it... ha...ha...stil remember.....we knew each other when we are in form 1.....when we duty in the want to know me...and you always like to pull my hair and I will chase you around the school because you like to take my hairband..without giving me back...haha..think about it...that time we are so childish...but that is one of the happiest time to me....haha....then after a period of time.......don't like me and actually propose to me.........."

".....All in are one of my best friend...eventhough we have our own road, own life to live on...but you are a person a memory in my am i going to forget you ? ...................."

Oh no, it was pages long..
and i'm getting so touching!
a box of tissue aint make me feel any better...
*sneeze sneeze*
who would have thought this little secret hidden in S diary & happened in past?

a past is a past..
i promise to give everyone a clean slate!
keep your clean slate well before you get dirtied up..
and when you dirtied up, you know who will be watching?
hopefully it will be a peaceful summer holiday for me..
before my inbox was getting over-flooding again!

until then,
'You know you love me'
gossip guy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gaga ??

[Sources : Kimarie Salon, SS2 PJ 17/09/09 4.35pm]

Spotted : S got a new haircut!

I'm pretty sure u guys wondering what's the outcome??
i wont post a photo of his new look here..
but we knew that S was pretty fancy about classy & Be a truly upper east siders lately
Yet he is quite a fan of Lady Gaga
since after one of S closest alliance, Queen E has turned into high fashion
once after 'cut-trim-shape' at Kimarie salon
turned her into a 2nd version of Lady Gaga hairstyle,
which make her famous to be a Hot topic among upper east siders!
There's no doubt S would like to style into the next fashionable Gaga look..

Well, it definitely wont be just a haircut session of course!
But what else?
Seems like S flirting hard around with a cute shy hairstylist named Stephen,
one of the gorgeous famous hairstylist in the salon
we knew that S for sure wont let the chance sneak away just like that
I believe u got yourself quite some info about him through the 1.5hours chat
Didn't you, S?
Too bad S got his name card at the end but without contact on top of it..
I bet for sure you will got it fill up next time when comes around..!

Look like it wont be easy to date S out lately
since S just got himself too many dates to pick on
and thinking hard which to go for..
If you look forward to S new hairstyle,
what i could say is
your wish can only be granted if S agree to go on a date with you!

Not to forgot,
Happy Holiday people!
and YES,
I will be around you as always.
Watch out on anything you do
before you are shocking to see yourself become the next headlines!
Keep me posted on your holiday plan..

until then,
'You know you love me'
gossip guy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prince S is backk !

[Reliable sources from Redbox Karaoke, LowYat Plaza 15/09/09 7.01PM]

Spotted : S went to chiong K alone without any 'kaki' along at Redbox room 21!

Was he that desperate lonely
None of his bestie willing celebrate with him
to party all night long with beers and hot chicks around ??
after what he had gone through & suffering E.X.A.M. for 2weeks days & nights..
i doubted it!

(If you do knew him well)
For the charming S that we have known so far ,
he always surrounding with so many hot girls friends around with him whenever he go..
Now he was alone??
Could it be possible?
Let just say he was started anti-socialize lately
perhaps turning down by someone

Well well well..
Nobody will know the reason y Mr Lonely S was so miserable except S himself..
celebrating ownself for ownself
singing pathetically in the room
even getting harsh words from our 'so-not-smart' servant
"Only you one person?"
YAH! u got it what?
S still rock the party himself!!!

there's only 1 thing i can assure you guys,
'No One wishes to be lonely,
Neither do we!'

this including our 'lonely' S...

until then
'You know you love me'
Gossip Guy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

真正的 v.s. 普通的 >> 朋友









一个真正的朋友期望他能永远陪在你身旁 !

个普通的朋友? 很多??
那你又到底有多少真正的朋友? 還是一个都不曾有??


Monday, May 25, 2009

EMO-tion !!


變成一個 只是聽人家傾述的人




與人之間 建立起了 很高很大的圍牆

對人 , 對事



除非 .............

我認定了 , 是我可以信任的人


容易對受傷件事情 一下子放入太多的感情

結果 , 不受到珍惜 , 處處受傷



" 一開始就不应该放太多的感情 ..."


並不代表 .. 我對人不是真心的

只是 ... 不敢放入太多



可以和你分享彼此的 喜怒哀樂













That's how m i feeling now!!

what else can i said??

i hate to b good with people..

to care people

N who will come N care about me when i need u??

why i mus b the one who take initiative all the time??

i'm sick of it!

ended up everytime i'm the one who hurt..

But do u feel anything??

will u appreciate everything i do for u??

or that's how the way u think i suppose to treat u??

my heart is crying

tears out from my eyes..

i just need caring from U

a hug or

a shoulder for me lying on

whenever i'm sad!

appearently i have no one, NOBODY!

Alone, tat's what i get used to it~

Best friend? buddy??

dont asked me to trust for it, i dont!!

Eventually all promises, sharing & care will just fade away as time goes by

i cant take it anymore, seriously! is so HURT

i admit i treat u guys ways more better than i treat myself..

for what?? i duno..

i hate to b tat nice & sweet salmon in people's eyes anymore..

Dont find it surprise if u saw me as a bitchy one or b mean on U..

i wil act so when i reach my limit!

Dont craps with me about care & appreciate

i have seen it all !

People is just selfish to themselves only..

From this time now on,

old salmon is dead!

my heart is locked~



so just let it be...

o.O snakey salmon fishy O.o